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Dan Duffy…

Author, Online Course Designer, 
Facilitator and Consultant


I am committed to promoting the development of the philosophy, principles, strategies, techniques, and practices of excellence in order to enhance individual and organizational excellence.

Learning Process

Through a “hands-on” experiential approach, participants engage in interactive learning experiences to learn about and apply acquired skills to “real-time” issues they face. 
This approach to learning provides an emotionally-charged element which reinforces skill acquisition for on-the-job application. 


For more than 25 years, I have served in leadership and facilitation positions within corporate training, sales and management development, and community college educational administration. 

Throughout my career, I also obtained an Associate of Arts (A.A), Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), Master’s (M.Ed.) and Doctoral (Ed.D.)degree. 

My experience includes serving as:

Director of Student Life where I co-developed and co-facilitated a Student Leadership Development program. 

Director of Workforce Development where I fulfilled a higher education outreach role to train business and industry for companies and organizations such as: AT&T,  IBEW, CWA, Southern Ocean County Hospital, and Ocean Medical Center.  

Director of Training and Management Development within one of America’s fastest growing companies, MicroWarehouse, Inc. 

American Management Association Consultant and Facilitator where I customized and delivered management training for companies such as: Oakley, Comcast, Upper Peninsula Medical Center, and Iams Pet Foods.

Vice-President of Student Affairs during a period of strategic redirection and organizational renewal.


Contact Me

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My Services 

I offer leadership, management, sales training, coaching and consulting services within a variety of onsite and remote delivery options designed to meet the needs of your organization. 

Contact me regarding services such as:

  • One-on-One remote instruction for training Facilitators to conduct Consultative Selling Seminars, 

  • Bulk order prices for Workshop in a Workbook quantities of 50 or more books, and 

  • Team or Corporate Access to On-Demand Video Courses.


Give me a call (732-773-0429)


complete the contact form to begin our discussion of your needs. 

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