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Online Courses… 
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“We facilitate your ongoing professional journey of renewal and transformation.”

We pride ourselves in offering "leading-edge" courses which are engaging, highly interactive, and directly applicable to the needs of today's professionals.

Each contains a downloadable course workbook, actionable takeaways for each lesson, and sales skill follow-through recommendations called, "The Power is in the Doing!" The phrase reinforces that Continuous Improvement and Practice, Practice, Practice will improve your Sales Performance.

An emphasis is placed on "hands-on" exercises which apply and reinforce the principles, strategies, and skills presented within each course.

Our Online Courses

Strengthen Your Sales Skills with this FREE Course…​

“Slay Ten Death Sentences that Kill a Sale and Make You Stronger.”

A five-phase cyclical approach to enhance B2B sales performance.
Whether you are an experienced sales professional, a newcomer to sales, or work in a support function, there is always something you can do to sharpen your skills, and that's what this free introductory course is all about. 
Salespeople often get derailed from attaining the level of performance they desire. They become blindsided to common pitfalls that true sales pros know how to avoid. 
Knowing what not to do becomes as important as knowing what to do

This course will:
Introduce you to a five-phase cyclical sales approach (ie. Plan-Listen-Present-Handle-Close), 
Identify Ten Death Sentences that kill a sale, and 
Provide you with proven strategies to eliminate each one. 

Hypercharge Your Sales Skill Set with this

“Apply 7 Essential B2B Sales Success Strategies to Achieve the Results You Desire.”

Take your sales approach to the next level by incorporating sales pro practices that encompass seven proven sales success strategies of Consultative Selling. 
You’ll learn that Consultative Selling is building long term business relationships by staying proactive and being solutions-oriented. 
No longer will you be uncertain about what to say, when to say it, and how to respond to prospect questions and objections.

During this course you will:

  • Complete a Sales Skills Self-Assessment to evaluate your sales strengths and areas in need of improvement,

  • Develop your understanding of the seven strategies of the “Consultative Selling” process:                       

  • Identify Six “Value-Added” benefits of doing business with you and your company,

  • Create an Opening Benefit Statement that provides an answer to: “Why should a prospect listen to me?”, and

  •  Practice Sales Skill Follow-Through Recommendations to improve your performance within each of the five phases and seven strategies.

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